Texans know that Whataburger is a treasure and institution that is exclusively OURS despite the fact that they operate 800 plus locations across 10 states. But recent invasions by In-N-Out and other fast food chains has them considering that maybe its time for Whataburger to INVADE THEIR TERRITORIES!

According to WFAA, the Texas based fast food chain has brought in investment firm Morgan Stanley to explore options for a sale of of the company in order to help EXPAND its reach.

 “Our company is growing and is always attractive to investors, and we’ve brought in Morgan Stanley to help us explore our options. We have always evaluated the opportunities that can accelerate growth and maintain the success of our brand, and we will continue to do so in the future.” - Statement from Whataburger Corporate Communications via San Antonio Business Journal

Basically, Whatburger is not looking to cash out, but to bring in investors to possibly expand the chain in to other areas outside of its majority share of Texas. With its popularity and legend growing beyond Texas, its a smart move at this point.

Also when you consider that Whataburger had sales of over $2 billion dollars in 2017 (more than national chains like Hardee's, Carl's Jr. and Five Guys) it looks like Whataburger is ready to go head to head with the big boys.

Do you think Whataburger should expand and compete with big chains like McDonald's and Wendy's, or stay put and keep being our own little secret?



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