A Dallas couple was awakened to an early morning notification of a visitor at their porch.

Honestly with all the stress of the world around us, I found this video to be much needed! Reading the original headline of the video, I did not think I would find myself as amused as I am now. I literally could not stop laughing at the video and the great banter between hosts. Hopefully this video has the same effect for you!

Porch pirates are being caught thanks to new doorbell technology, but one Dallas family was surprised to discover that their package thief was actually a dog!

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A video shared by CW 33 Morning After’s Jenny Anchondo, shows footage from her Ring camera of a pup who took off with a package from her porch.

Show host Anchondo says that she was awakened at approximately 3 AM by her husband, Heath, who exclaimed, "you will not believe who is on the porch!"

Those words alone are definitely something alarming to hear at such an early morning hour.

Startled, Anchonda asked her husband for more details. To Anchonda's surprise, she's shown a video of a perp, er-pup, stealing a package from their porch!

The morning host uploaded the video to social media where viewers had a variety or responses. Some believed the video couldn't possibly be real while others theorized that the dog had been trained to steal packages.

Fortunately Anchonda located her package in a nearby field. She had recently ordered make-up and soap containing cocoa butter, and believes that may have been what enticed the dog to make off with her package.

As for the suspect, there are no new leads to his or her whereabouts. Although, Anchonda did reach out to animal services to inquire about whether the dog may be lost.

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