Halloween is officially here and while you're probably struggling to figure out what to be this year, we're here to help!

Even though MILLIONS of Americans are going to spend BILLIONS of dollars to buy a "costume" that they will only wear ONCE, one thing you want to avoid is showing up to a party wearing the EXACT same costume as someone else.

The folks over at AT&T used Google Trends to determine each state's most popular Halloween costume and if you live in Texas, you should definitely avoid being the character "Chucky" from the movie "Child's Play" because that is the most popular Halloween costume in Texas in 2019.

Halloween Horror Nights Opening Night Red Carpet
Rich Polk/Getty Images

Most states in the Union will be going out this Halloween in a superhero or villain costume, while 10 states will see lots of "generic" costumes like cheerleaders or doctors Some are going with retro 1980's looks.

The Northeast is dominated by "animal" costumes while some of the more "liberal" states like California and Vermont are going with "mythical creature" costumes. Go figure.

Anyway, if Chucky was on your Halloween costume list in Texas, you may want to rethink it if your plan is to stand out from the crowd.

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