The entire city of Killeen and ALL of Central Texas has been enjoying the incredible rise of Rose Short as she battled her way to next week's finale of "The Voice" on NBC.

We've been following her story throughout the season and now we've reached the moment of truth: Will the REST of America agree with us and help Rose win "The Voice?". We think this a great moment for us to come together and celebrate a hometown girl preparing to launch into superstardom and our friends at Chief's Sports Grill is inviting everyone in Central Texas in join in on the celebration.

Chief's will be hosting a "Watch Party" for The Voice on Monday night at 7:00 PM for the live performances and Tuesday night at 8:00 PM when we find out who will win it all. Come out and bring your friends and make sure you have phones, laptops or tablets ready to vote for Rose as soon as the voting goes live!

For more details, follow Chief's Sport Grill on Facebook and head out there Monday and Tuesday night as we root for Rose to win "The Voice"!

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