The popular social media app Snapchat, which allows users to share messages, photos and videos with friends that disappear after a set amount of time, has added a new feature which will now share your location with other users.  Naturally, this has raised concerns among law enforcement.

According to a report by Fox 26 Houston, The Collin County Sheriff's Office located in McKinney, Texas recently posted a warning to users and parents on their Facebook page explaining the dangers of sharing your location with people you aren't familiar with on Snapchat, and warns users to be careful about using the feature called "Snap Map".

We certainly recommend turning on "Ghost Mode" to avoid showing your location.

I tried out the feature here at our studio in Copperas Cove, and it's very accurate. Also, you see those little "infrared" or "glowing" areas? Those are locations of where other snap users are, and SnapChat allows you to see their snaps whether you're friends or not. We have to say that we agree with the Sheriff's office - be careful and be safe with what you share!

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