Valentine's day is rapidly approaching and its a great time for all the lovers but for singles it can be especially troublesome having to watch everyone else be in love while you're still searching for the right person.

Luckily for singles in Texas, you actually live in one of the top states for singles in 2019. Does that mean you'll find your perfect partner? No. But dating is a numbers game and if you're living in a state where there's LOTS of single folks then your chances increased significantly.

According to study done by WalletHub, Texas landed at #3 overall as one of the best states for singles based on several factors including dating economics (costs of dating include factoring beer & wine costs, movie tickets, etc.), dating opportunities (share of single adults in Texas, online dating, etc.), and romance & fun (number of attractions, places to go on dates).

Texas ranked pretty high in all these factors so don't spend another Valentine's Day alone, get out there and explore the singles in this great big state and see what's out there.

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