Central Texans were glued to their TV's Monday night as Rose Short performed for a chance to win "The Voice" on Part 1 of the show's series finale.

Rose performed 3 times last night in a series of whirlwind and commanding performances beginning with an original song written for her called "Steamroller". Coach Blake Shelton described the song as "the perfect description of Rose throughout this competition".

In my opinion, this song could really be a very good single to launch Rose's debut effort after this show is over.

After a few performances, Rose had to take the stage again, this time with her coach Gwen Stefani. They performed a holiday duet "My Gift Is You" in a fun performance.

It was clearly later on in the show that NBC and the producers were saving the best for last as Rose closed out the entire episode by taking us to church with a performance of Elton John's "Border Song"  - a power ballad calling for peace. Surrounded by a choir of backup singers, Rose shut the show DOWN with a commanding performance.

You can see the confidence in Rose's face at the end of this performance! Over the last 3 months, while the other contestants have largely stayed in their "safe zones" of genres, they have thrown every type of genre at Rose and she has clearly shined no matter what.

Rose's performances definitely brought everyone to their feet at Chief's Sports Grill last night at their watch party!

So now we wait for tonight's results. It's going to be a rough few hours as we impatiently wait to see if Rose is going to take it all. Right now, the only thing you can do is STREAM or DOWNLOAD Rose's music on Apple Music to help her move up the charts, because those streams and downloads count as VOTES for Rose.

We'll keep you posted as soon as the news breaks tonight!

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