If you've been following the Olympics, then by now you've seen and heard of American gymnast by way of Spring, Texas Simone Biles. While the last Olympics was focused on Gabby Douglas, Biles has risen as the new star of women's gymnastics around the world. But the story of her upbringing and how she got to the world's stage is even more fascinating considering that she could have been just another girl lost to the streets and the system if not for the love of family.

According to Texas Monthly, Biles was born in Ohio to drug-addicted parents and spent many of her formative years moving back and forth between foster homes until her maternal grandfather decided to adopt her at the age of six. From Ohio, they moved to Spring, Texas just outside of Houston and it's there her journey to the Olympics began.

Now she is the face of this year's Olympics in Rio and you can read more about her story here. We're all rooting for you Simone and we wish you continued success! Bring home the Gold!

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