Searching things on Facebook can sometimes be confusing.

Did you know that there are six cities in America named Temple? There're five Beltons as well. That being said, it shouldn't be that big of a surprise that people can confuse Roanoke.

KCEN TV is reporting that the Trinity All Stars in Roanoke, Texas wanted to say thanks to the area's first responders. They took cookies to the Roanoke Police Department, but when it came to the Fire Department, there was an issue.

It seems that someone contacted the wrong Roanoke Fire Department. They sent a note of thanks to the fire department in Roanoke, Illinois.

The firemen responded, jokingly, that the girls were still more than welcome to come by and deliver cookies. To their surprise, the Texas girls did send them a container of cookies. The fire crew was kind enough to take a picture before eating them so we could all be in on a goof turned good.


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