A beloved Italian eatery in downtown Temple, Texas sustained major damage after a tornado touched down on Wednesday, May 22.

Pignetti's Italian Eatery, located at 142 S 2nd Street in Temple, is currently closed as crews assess the impact of yesterday's tornado. A video shared to Facebook by KCEN's Sidney Dichon shows the restaurant's roof in a state of devastation.

Harker Heights resident Cyd Shine West detailed her harrowing experience as the storm bared down upon Pignett's.

"We were eating at Pignettis in downtown Temple when a storm blew up and caused the roof to cave in," West posted on Facebook.

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"The staff had already relocated us away from the windows and toward the back of the restaurant or we would definitely have been injured. You can't imagine the sound as the wood gave way and the power shorted out," she stated.

The City of Temple has issued a Disaster Declaration following yesterday's tornado and thousands are still without power as crews work to survey storm damage.

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