Do you know what 'Jugging' is? If you don't know, you could be the next victim.

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Jugging isn't just a random slang term. Temple, Texas police say it's a crime that everyone needs to be aware of, because it seems to be increasing in Central Texas.

What is 'Jugging'?

KCEN is reporting that anyone can be a victim, according to local law enforcement.

Jugging is something that's come up in the law enforcement community within the past several years. It's a term that actually originated out of the Houston area.

-Temple Police Department Corporal Casey Sheppard

Unlike some crimes of opportunity, no particular age group is being targeted and this can happen at any time. Criminals are watching for you to withdraw money, then leave it in your car, so they can break in while you go inside.

Where is 'Jugging' Happening Most?

Sheppard says there's been 25-30 cases of jugging in Temple in the past two years, with most of the thefts happening at the same Bank of America on South 31st Street in Temple.

A Temple neighborhood Facebook page recently shared a story about a man who withdrew money from this bank, then went inside Sam's Club. When he came back to his car, the window was smashed and his vehicle was ransacked. Police asked if he had withdrawn money before going to Sam's, as thieves are watching people at ATMs and following them to their next location.

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Jugging

Police say watch your surroundings, especially when going to a bank or making an ATM transaction. Don't leave cash in your vehicle for any reason, and keep up your guard when shopping.

Staying alert and taking a few extra steps to keep yourself and your belongings secure could prevent you from becoming a victim.

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