We're just a few weeks away from SXSW and the annual pilgrimage to Austin brings back the same debate for Central Texans: Should I Take I-35 or Highway 195?

Having took both routes separately and even a weird combination of both I'm come to the conclusion myself that 195 is "slightly" better. Its more scenic but you'll have very slim chances of having places to "pit stop" (especially on those long late night drives back to Killeen, trust me) while depending on the time of day, 35 can get you there and back quickly. There are some folks who prefer taking Highway 195 to FM 138 before getting into Florence then head south on Highway 183 which also is quick but I wouldn't want to get caught out on that road on a dark night.

I recently discovered that the "Tollway" option can get you into the city pretty quickly even though your route is longer. Of course you'll have to get toll tags because if you get the bill in the mail, you'll be out front of The DPS ready to protest. Lots of folks think I-35 even though according to Google Maps, both routes can get you there in equal time give or take 2 or 3 minutes.

What do you prefer? Do you have your own special route to take or do you stick just these options. Vote in our poll below!

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