While everyone is still waiting for new music from Grammy winner and makeup entrepreneur Rihanna she's making headlines for her political stance through "art".

According to ABC 7 in Amarillo, the star made a stop to the Cadillac Ranch just a few miles outside of Amarillo where 10 Cadillacs are buried nose-down in a field along I-40. The tourist trap invites visitors to spray paint messages on the buried cars as a form of "artwork".

Rihanna used the moment to share her thoughts about the current President by spray painting "F**k Trump" on one of the vehicles then posted the photos to her official Twitter and Instagram pages.

She put "art. #81 days" in the caption of the photo alluding to the number of days left before the Presidential election.

Naturally, Rihanna's "art" drew the ire of supporters of the President including Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician who is running for the District 13 congressional seat which includes Amarillo, calling the graffiti a "total disrespect to our country".

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that is what makes "America Great" folks but next time come down i-35 RiRi.


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