The big news in America involves the recent announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats plans to form an impeachment inquiry into allegations that President Donald Trump abused his power.

Look, this post isn't about what side is right and what side is wrong. In my opinion, we're ALL tired of the back and forth between both parties and its reaching the point of annoyance.


When the announcement was made, the news was met a mixture of happiness from those who want Trump gone and anger from those who believe that this is another attempt to discredit Trump.

Once again, I. DON'T. CARE. NOR. DO. I. CARE. TO. TAKE. SIDES. but I found this to be a PERFECT opportunity to at least laugh at the whole thing in its entirety. So of course I came up with a little ditty based on the smash hit hip hop song from Webbie called "Independent".

If you're a Trump supporter, don't get in your feelings about this because its all in good fun and if you can't take a joke then you need to lighten up Francis and log off for a few hours.

A lot of your have called in and asked me to make it available for you to listen to so here you go!

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