Today's the day to honor those guys that keep the music spinning and the party rocking.

I wasn't aware, but according to National Today, January 20 is the day to celebrate disc jockeys. Someone alert the media! Oh wait, I am the media.

So what's a DJ? Well, DJ is the acronym for disc-jockey, which is a person who introduces and plays recorded popular music on radio or sometimes a person who plays recorded music at live events.

The thing I love (and hate occasionally) about DJ's is their personality. A lot of times you'll hear a DJ referred to as "a personality" or "on-air talent." DJ's go by a large assortment of titles, but their job is to keep you entertained, and most importantly keep the music rolling.

When I was growing up as a child, the radio was my absolute favorite thing. I love music, and back then the radio was your primary listening source. As I've stated a million times, and will state probably a million more, I believe that people should pursue things that they are truly passionate about.

What good is a life spent doing things that didn't make you happy?

My happiest times are when I can have music on and around me. So when the time came for me to decide what I wanted to do with my life, radio was the obvious choice. I would listen to the radio for hours and imagine how great it would be to meet celebrities, have fun and interesting conversations, and of course attend all the hottest shows.

Fast forward a couple years and I'm here, doing what I absolutely love. I've taken notes from my all-time favorite DJ's like Casey Kasem, Ryan Seacrest, Trey Morgan, and Charlemagne the God, but the biggest things I've learned have come from DJ's right here in Central Texas.

I'm so grateful to be in this position, and I hope that I'm able to continue pursing my passion in this field. Today, I celebrate how far I've come, and how far I still have to go. Thank you Central Texas!

PS: Do you think the boss will be giving out anything extra today?

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