The drought is almost over, please remain calm this time.

Earlier this summer, we experienced a food phenomenon unlike any other when Popeyes released its "chicken sandwich" which sent Americans into a frenzy. People packed drive thrus and restaurants across the country trying to get their hands on it which in turned produced outrageous stories where some folks resorted to criminal activities to others filing lawsuits against the company all in the name of a sandwich. After two weeks, the company claimed they "sold out" of the sandwich due to a "lack of buns".

Well the company put out a press release on Monday announcing that the sandwich is back PERMANTELY on the menu beginning Sunday November 3rd. They even sent a "shot" towards competitor Chick-Fil-A by saying that it will be available on Sundays.

Again, please remain calm and remember that (HOPEFULLY) there will be enough sandwiches for everyone so take your time.

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