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Just like you, I'm so OVER all the hype, videos and endless memes about Popeyes and their now "sold out" chicken sandwich. Let be clear, they are good, but not so good to generate the reaction that's being shown on social media and around the country. Even just getting a REGULAR order at Popeyes has turned into an exercise in patience and millions of people are still trying to get their hands on the infamous sandwich.

But this week's winner is BIG MAD about not getting a sandwich. So mad that he's now SUING Popeyes for the stress he and tomfoolery he went through in pursuit of the "holy grail of sammiches".

According to The Chattanooga Times Free Press and WATE, Craig Barr has filed a lawsuit against Popeyes claiming false advertising, deceptive business practices and causing him to waste "countless time driving" to and from local chains to find the sandwich.

Now let me breakdown the details of all the stuff Mr. Barr claims he went through in attempts to get said sandwich:

  • He's been driving from one location to the next, allegedly being told by employees that they're sold out and that he should try another store.
  • While traveling to one location, the tire on his car blew and he cracked a $1,500 rim, he said. But that didn't stop Barr, he fixed the tire and went to get his sandwich only to be told he'd have to come back after the weekend because the chicken sandwich had sold out.

Before I tell the final part, let me prepare you for this with this video:

Barr then claims he found a Craigslist ad from a man claiming he had a friend who worked at Popeyes. The worker had supposedly stashed some sandwiches in a walk-in freezer, and the Craiglist seller could get Barr a sandwich that was being held in the back. Barr met with the man behind the restaurant on Monday, handing him $25, $5 for the sandwich and $20 for the troubles. The man allegedly went into the store and never came back.

"I got scammed," - Craig Barr via The Times Free Press

No, you're just a new fool Craig. He filed the civil action Wednesday in Hamilton County Tennessee seeking $5,000.

This is another classic case of "blaming someone else for your stupidity instead of taking your L in silence". Most Americans, managed to not fall for the hype and not spend countless hours chasing after a sandwich. But because you set yourself up to get scammed by Craigslist ads FOR FOOD and driving hundreds of miles in your own city is a YOU problem and jamming up our already stressed out court system over your idiocy is not needed.

This is why I'm so thankful that I repented for my sins and went back to the Lord's Chicken at Chick-Fil-A. Bless him Bishop.

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