NIL deals are the newest thing that players, coaches, and fans are now seeing take place in the college football world. While many, including myself, are happy to finally see the players getting paid, it has also shown that money could bring players to other schools.

Xavier Worthy, a wide receiver for the Longhorns, according to, was offered a substantial NIL deal to play for another program. As of writing, the program that offered Worthy hasn't been revealed.

Fortunately for Longhorn fans, Worthy made it clear that he wasn't leaving the program. He posted this to his twitter on May 2, 2022:

The picture shows himself and Steve Sarkisian fist bumping, affirming his choice to stay in the Lone Star State.

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But this isn't the first issue many have taken with NIL deals. Many have come out saying they aren't happy with the potential loss of players leaving programs for more money. Many in college football are also worried about how programs may be undercutting each other to get their players to play for them.

According to Sports Illustrated, with no sense of regulation, coaches are now having to also try and keep players in their programs. Deion Jackson, the head coach of Jackson State, recently spoke out saying NIL is becoming in his words, "free agency."

Time will tell if NIL continues to grow into something that may be hard to control, or if it will be regulated. Do you have an opinion on NIL? Let us know via our station app!

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