This summer is a very hot one in Texas and not only are we humans seeking out cool places to relax, so are the wildlife.

According to WFAA, Bob Crowell was working in the fields out in Hood County when he jumped back into his truck and saw a foot long rattler poking out of an AC vent. Bob, who has worked outdoors for years wasn't too surprised by this discovery, taking out his cell phone and getting video of his encounter and posting it Facebook. The video has been viewed over 5 million times.


“Just another day in the pastures, ya know?” - Bob Crowell via WFAA

Bob says that he believes the snake got into his truck via a bag he uses to cover his air compressor. One night last week, he left the bag on the ground and picked it up the next day and put it in his truck and he believes the snake slithered out of the bag and into the air vent.

He was able to get a tool and safely removed the snake and released it back into the field.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to break my car down into pieces to make sure there's no snakes cooling and relaxing in my vehicle.

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