If we have to warn you once, we have to warn you again: STOP SHARING FAKE NEWS.

We live in a time now where folks on social media don't take the time to actually click on or read the articles for information. Folks strictly form their judgement from headlines, and today we spotted a story that folks were sharing like wildfire on Facebook.

A story being reported by a parody site "American-Buffoon" is being shared with the headline, "Hobby Lobby CEO Claims Not Being Able To Own Slaves Violates His Religious Freedom".

The CEO of Hobby Lobby, David Green, never made any such comment, even though the company is under criticism for refusing to close stores in areas that have not issued strict shelter-in-place guidelines and forcing its employees to return to work.

But the main thing you need to remember about sharing "parody" news is that most of the time you can tell it's fake just by looking at the name of the website reporting it.

Hobby Lobby Fake News

So before you share or click on something that looks outrageous, do a quick check of the site that's sharing it so you don't look like an "American Buffoon".

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