Townsquare Media has asked Melz On The MIC to work from home for the next 14 days. He does not have "Covid-19" but out of an abundance of caution, he will work from home and the following is an account of what he does "on the clock".

Working from home can be both a rewarding experience and a stressful one too. On the one hand you have to deal with trying to stay on the "clock" and on the other, avoid the distractions all around you like your bed being a few feet away.

But the biggest distraction can be family. Not saying its a bad thing, but when you're trying to get work done AND have to address issues that arise at home, well, a few of you know exactly what I'm talking about because you're dealing with it now.

Since my "self-quarantine" is coming to an end, we fast forward a few days to show you exactly what I mean when I say "working from home hardly working":


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