Do you remember those cereal straws? They were these straws made of Froot Loops cereal so you could use to slurp up your milk after you finished your cereal, or if you just wanted to enjoy a cool glass of chocolate milk. Plus, because they were made of cereal, you had a treat for afterwards!


Cereal straws were discontinued in 2009 but, hold on to your hat, because they're coming back! Kellogg's has decided to revive the crunch straws after a petition from superfans and pleas from tons of fans on social media! Kellogg's cereal straws, in flavors of Froot Loops and Cocoa Krispies, will hit shelves in October!

Lately, a lot of great snacks from the past have been coming back- like Doritos 3D- and I'm okay with it. As someone who grew up in the '90s, I like to think that many of the best snacks existed back then- like Dunkaroos!

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Dunkaroos were just cookies that you dipped- or, "dunked"- into frosting. So effortless, yet genius. Imagine my surprise when I saw that they were back in stores! I stocked up and tried to relieve my childhood.

joanna barba

Another great snack from my youth that came back were Flamin' Hot Cheeto Asteroids! The asteroids were rebranded as "Flavor Shots" and no longer came in the cool canister. I loved Flamin' Hot Cheetos already, so when those asteroids came out- I was addicted. I can't exactly remember when they were discontinued- but when they came back they were a hot commodity and were sold out everywhere.

joanna barba

Luckily, were restocked and I was able to relieve my youth when I got them, unfortunately, my 32 year old body can no longer handle hot chips without activating my heartburn.

In honor of all these great snacks, here are nine old school snacks that should totally make a comeback! How many of these do you remember?


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