Let's have some fun and take a trip back down memory lane today. We all remember our favorite TV shows from back in the day and what's funny about media today is, that we had to have had the BEST TV shows because they keep trying to recreate and "reboot" them. Today's "Throwback TV" shows are no different.

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    The A-Team

    "If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team".

    The A-Team premiered on NBC on this day in 1983 and lasted for 5 seasons and it included one of the 80's biggest icons (in my eyes) Mr. T! Can't forget that this was the first TV that made having a "van" look cool. Do you remember that they tried to recreate this show recently? Probably not, especially when you don't have a character rocking 200 gold chains and a mohawk like Mr. T!

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    On this day in 1985, I'm pretty sure I arrived home from school and turned on my TV to see this INCREDIBLE cartoon series called "ThunderCats" then spent the next 11 months harassing my parents to buy every single one of the Thundercats toys. The ThunderCats unforgettable theme song began its run in syndication on this day in 85 until 1989. There are still persistent rumors of a "live action" Thundercats" movie but no word on if it started production yet. Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats HOOOOO!

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