We're wrapping up the 4th Of July festivities with another edition of Sunday Night Live at Chief's Sports Grill!

The Summertime Grown Folks Party rolls on this Sunday night with another edition of OLD SCHOOL KARAOKE where we let YOU belt out the classic hits you haven't heard in a minute. The rules are simple: STRICTLY OLD SCHOOL, all songs must be OLDER than 25 years and we allow blues classics as well!

If you entertain us, Melz On The MIC will give you a $20 gift card to enjoy food and drinks while you're at Chief's but if you don't want to sing, Melz will let you play one of his infamous games for a chance to get hooked up including R&B trivia, NEKKID TWISTER and NEKKID SPADES.

DJ Junior Vibes will be in the mix and Melz will keep you entertained all night long so pull up on us at 806 Atlas Avenue with your folks and come have a blast to wrap up the holiday hi-jinks! Follow Chief's Sports Grill on Facebook to stay up to date on what's happening every night at Chief's!

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