Come September 1st, Texans will feel the effects of the last legislative session in Texas. Several new laws go into effect that may affect you or someone you know. Here are a few.

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Tobacco Age Raised To 21

Texas follows the lead of 15th other states by raising the minimum purchasing age for tobacco to 21 years. If you are in the military, the law does not apply to you.



Texans Can Purchase Beer To Go

No, we are not talking about the six pack you buy at HEB. This law covers craft breweries in Texas. Now you don’t have to fill up on the beer at the brewery. You can go home and do it instead.

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Property Taxes

As a Texas land owner, I am happy about this change in law. The goal is to slow the increases in property tax bills. Property taxes have gotten stupid over the past 10 years so in an effort to put the brakes on it,   the new law says if a city or county government wants to raise 3.5% more property tax revenue from the previous year, they must get voter approval.

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Open Carry Allowed After a Natural Disaster

If you have guns but do not have a Conceal Carry License in Texas, this law applies to you. This new law allows Texans complying with an evacuation order (hurricane,etc.) to temporarily carry their guns without a license for up to 48 hours. This is only for those who can legally have a firearm in their possession.

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Legalized Lemonade Stands

Alright, parents. Get ready to put those kids to work! Children can now operate lemonade stands without a license. I find it pathetic that there was a need to create this law but that is what happens when bitchy, lemonade stand hating, adults  are in charge.

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Dogs Allowed on Restaurant Patios

I personally would never benefit from this new law because my 7 dogs are psycho and I would never subject others to their antics. But if you have a well behaved, leashed pet and want to take it to brunch on the outside restaurant patio, you may now do so. This law states that cities cannot pass ordinances that restrict restaurants from allowing people from bringing their pets with them to outdoor eating areas. Btw, the dog in the pic is my Zakk. The dog "in" the pic in the pic is Zakk when she was 2 months old.

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Feral Hogs Can Be Killed Without a License

I am mixed on this new law. I had a pet pig at one time and I know personally how EXTREMELY intelligent they are. I also know that feral hogs can destroy farmland and they do not mix well with the front of your car when they cross these country roads late at night. This new law says that Texans are allowed to kill them without a license and don’t have to prove damages before killing. Have you ever tried to hunt a feral hog on the ground? Good luck with that.