We're Today’s R&B and Throwbacks MYKISS 1031 and CTX...it's Grocery Time!

Summer is just about here, and we want to fill your refrigerator up with groceries up to $100!

It's one less bill you have to worry about, and if you already have our free app, you're halfway to winning those groceries.

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Buy tons of ice cream, or stock on meats for grilling out this Father's Day or throughout the summer. Wait, you need water don't you? Get some of that too!

Go crazy!

Here's how to win. Brace yourself! You ready?

Enter to win using the app-exclusive entry form below.

That's it! Just give us the info we need to get in touch if you win our drawing. It's that easy.

The entry form below will ONLY appear on the free KSSM app, so open this page on the app to see it. If you're already seeing this on the app, scroll on. If not, you can get the app here, then tap the "Win Groceries" button on the app homepage.

You can download the MYKISS1031 app by searching KSSM in your App Store or Google Play.

While you're on the app, you can stream us live anywhere you go, check out local news and features, and even use the Chat and Call buttons to reach out to us directly. There's also a feature that let's you send us video and audio clips if you feel like saying hi or sharing a pic or vid of what's going on out in Central Texas.

Having our free app could be your ticket to winning Instacart groceries up to $100!

Just our way of helping you get through the summer from Today’s R&B and throwbacks, MYKISS 1031!

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