At the beginning of the year, I was really excited about writing an article featuring the amazing and beautiful women of Killeen you should know who are some the best performers.

One of these talented women's names, if you can remember, was none other than the always talented and beautiful Killeen native Gio Fields. Also known as the Songbird of the Long Branch, she has been very booked and busy while working on some amazing things.


Courtesy of Gio Fields
Courtesy of Gio Fields


Gio has decided that she not only wanted us to have some of the great music she's been working on, but some visuals to go with it.

To that end, the Can't Nobody music video debuted this past weekend, which is absolutely fantastic in my honest opinion. It gives you a southside in the 70s vibe, and vividly reminds me of the parties that my parents used to throw.


Courtesy of Gio Fields
Courtesy of Gio Fields


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The wardrobe is everything in this video, and the way the costumes mesh so well with the themes and concept truly amaze me. I think that Gio Fields is a genius when it comes to R&B, and she definitely has a fan in me. Based on the lyrics, you can tell that she has a lot of passion and love in her music and I believe it’s safe to say that we are all truly excited that she is back making music videos and getting those creative juices flowing again.

I have watched Gio's career literally grow right before my eyes, and I firmly believe that her voice and talent will be around for a long time.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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