I'm a big fan of all the work Master P has done as an entrepreneur and showing us all the way to get to the bag in the entertainment industry without having to sell out.

So when P and his son Romeo were out promoting their new movie "I Got The Hook Up 2" I didn't expect this to be a "great movie" or expect any Oscar-worth performances, but I felt it was important to support P and his effort to self-finance his movie and open up opportunities for black and Latino actors and actress to shine.

With the movie having a limited release in theaters, the only way I could check out the movie was via Amazon Prime Video so I ponied up the $12.99 to buy the film to show my support.

I admit now that I made a terrible mistake.

Clocking in at just about 2 hours, this movie is damn near unwatchable. I actually stopped watching it for an hour and waited until the NEXT DAY to FORCE MYSELF to finish it.

For starters the first 10 minutes of the movie is a straight rip off of "Friday" with DC Young Fly and several "Instagram Famous" Comedians basically being told to say whatever dumb stuff they can think of before the actual "plot" is revealed. Even then you still have no clue what's going on in this movie.

What's being promoted as a film about the "dangers of gentrification" quickly devolves into just another "hood movie" where 2 of the main characters get mixed up with some drug dealers and its up to Master P's character "Black" to "save the day". Basically, the plot of EVERY No Limit Films production with the exception of "Foolish".

Consider it 2 hours of unfunny, incoherent nonsense. A total waste of time and total waste of opportunity. But let P tell it, the fact that I'm telling you that this movie is terrible makes me and others like me a "hater".

It's one thing to call us who PAID MONEY TO SUPPORT YOU "haters" for telling the truth about how BAD this movie is (a simple "Thanks for supporting anyway" would have sufficed), but to deliver such horrible content under the guise of "beating the big system" and "opening up doors for others" when the quality you put into your product is lacking is disappointing.

With all the money P has made, in a time where QUALITY content and movies are being made by black and Latino writers and directors, P could have done massively better than this and missed an opportunity to do something special. Instead, more of the same nonsense we've been trying to peel ourselves away from.

But congrats on "beating the system" I guess.

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