Let me preface this by saying that if you're expecting any negativity from me over this, you're wrong.

Everyone who attends SXSW knows that you won't and can't possibly catch EVERY show you want to see. Its nearly impossible to be at so many places at once so you have to pick and choose the shows you want to attend wisely.

So my calendar was marked all week for one show, Bud Light's "The Roots & Friends" party is annually the big end of the week party where the legendary hip-hop group and band from Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show" brings out surprise guests and jam their hits.

Courtesy of Bud Light
Courtesy of Bud Light

Now I've been trying to sneak into this party for years! Its actually only open to "badge holders" and folks with wristbands but this party hits capacity FAST so if you want to make it in, you WILL have to get in line EARLY! So, that's what I did! I showed up at 6:00 PM and this was the scene:

Line 2

Yep, it was literally a CITY BLOCK long 2 hours from showtime. But I felt good about my chances. So I waited...and waited... Then, someone leaked the "set list" on Twitter: Brandy, Jidenna, T.I., Redman and Method Man and more! The line suddenly got THICKER and WIDER and longer as it stretched around the next block! I was still unbothered because one thing I love about waiting in line at these events is you always meet someone cool and make new friends, like my man Frankie Valentine a producer and composer from California.

At around 10:00 pm the show was already underway and you can hear the fun going on inside but I remained undeterred, even after they announced that capacity was about to be reached and they were only letting 100 more people in. I did a quick head count and found out that I was in the 100, so I got really excited... My patience will be rewarded!

The line begins to shrink as I approach the door, we're now in the final 30 the news hits...


Damn. And with a lineup like that, who's really leaving now? 4 hours of waiting had took its toll and I threw in the towel. So I hopped out of line and carried on with my evening. Yeah I could've waited longer and eventually got in I'm sure, but there's always next year and I made new friends, so it wasn't a total loss....and I cried in the car. (Just kidding!)

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