This past Saturday at our Kiss Saturday Night College Football Watch Party at French Quarters Restaurant in Killeen, two young men approached me inquiring about the time it took for me to grow my beard. I told them that I've had a beard off and on for the past 5 years, depending on how I feel. These young men were in the process of trying to grow their beards and we exchanged ideas on what works and what doesn't.

The next morning, I woke up to find myself added to the "private" Facebook group "Beard Game Matters" by a friend of mine. I've seen for the past few weeks, women on my Facebook news feed ranting and raving about this group, but I really didn't care to be involved....until I went in the group to see what was going on.

So this group is all about having fellas showcase their best selfies or "model" photos of their beards and the ladies get to admire, comment, (and in some cases, "hook-up" ALLEGEDLY) on these photos. The group is already at over 1.6 MILLION members and fellas, I'm just gonna tell you straight up and down, YOUR GIRL IS PROBABLY A MEMBER. I have refrained from posting my own photo (which is why I'm sure I was added to the group to entice me to do so) because I don't want any trouble (plus I'm shy).

Now don't get mad, especially if you're "follically challenged". I mean let's face it, we follow big booty IG models and accept friend requests from strange women we don't know all because their profile photo looks good so let these ladies live. But I wanna ask the ladies, does a man's beard game REALLY matter? Answer in our poll below!

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