We have reached the halfway point of the year and so far in 2015, the year in R&B has been....for lack of a better term..."Aight". While the cream of crop continued to do their thing (Mary J. Blige, Sam Smith, Charlie Wilson), we also saw the return of one of the great R&B bands of the 90's in JODECI, and comeback stories from Jazmine Sullivan and Jill Scott. So here's my Favorite 5 right here to get it cracking!

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    I Bet - Ciara

    Ciara kicked off 2015 with this song which is without a shadow of a doubt a "diss track" to her ex-husband Future and became the anthem for ladies who are "moving on" with their lives.

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    Love Me Back - Kenny Lattimore

    Kenny Lattimore returns with this BANGER! You can't help but nod your head to the intro then he kicks it off with "What a good feeling...", nothing but good feelings come all over you as the song progresses. I dig the ode to Bobby Womack's "If You Think You're Lonely Now" during the bridge.

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    Sweet Afternoon - Avery Sunshine

    With our busy schedules its hard to make time for that special someone and Avery Sunshine's "Sweet Afternoon" reminds you to make time for each other. Beautiful song!

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    Let It Burn - Jazmine Sullivan

    At this current moment, Jazmine's "Let It Burn" is the HOTTEST R&B song in the country and for good reason. Utilizing the classic "Ready Or Not" sample from After 7, Jazmine uses perfectly with her big booming voice. I LOVE this song!

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    Every Moment - JODECI

    We thought we would probably never see them together again as a group but nearly 25 years after their debut album, JODECI returns with the sound that created this most recent generation of kids. "Every Moment" is classic JODECI in every sense and the excitement over their return as yet to slow down as they prepare to hit the road this summer. This song still jams and is still great to listen to!