Storms that are closing in on the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast have put the local American Cross into action to help out.

Volunteers have been sent to Houston to help with the aftermath of the storm.  More volunteers are expected to be deployed to lend a hand for people impacted by the gulf storms.  The local Red Cross is currently seeking more volunteers to help where needed.

Robert Gonzales, spokesman and volunteer for the local American Red Cross, tells our partners at News 10, “Especially with the storms coming up, we would just like to get as many people as we can to come in and join our ranks.”

With the wildfires going on out in California and now the hurricane that's approaching the Gulf, the agency is in need of more volunteers.

With the threat of COVID-19, it's changing the way the organization deals with disasters.

“We’re putting them in hotels instead of opening up these big massive shelters that we’ve done in the past,” said Gonzales about the shelter plans.

He also says there are doing more prep work to help out remotely.

Hopefully there's not much damage from the storms, but it's good to know the local Red Cross is helping out the best they can.

If you'd like to volunteer you, can click here to find out how to help.

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