A lot of us are not wanting to take our children trick-or-treating on the 30th, I am one of those parents that want to enjoy my Saturday after the long week of working and making dinner, all I wanna do is be able to go out with a couple of friends, dress up as somebody else, be somebody else, and enjoy my Halloween and then Sunday morning, I don’t mind waking up and getting the babies ready for trick-or-treating on an actual day. It had been a lot of decisions made in regards to Halloween this year. Instead of celebrating Halloween on the 31st, it would be celebrated on the 30th because Halloween would be falling on a Sunday.

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Courtesy of Tonya Williams
Courtesy of Tonya Williams



Some people were very sensitive and felt somewhat offended about it celebrating this particular holiday on a Sunday.  Sunday which usually consist of church and peace, versus Halloween meaning Wiccans and chaos but have no fear the owner of the extremely popular and if I’m being honest just all-out fun bar and grill The Hangover Tonya Williams and her amazing staff, will be doing a trunk or treat on the actual day of Halloween if you’re not familiar with Tonya Williams she is again the business owner of The Hangover also known as the life of the party and the boss and now she’s giving back to the community, making sure that all of the babies have a good time on Halloween.


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The trunk or treat takes place at 104 W. Elm Rd. Suite 200 in Killeen Texas, Tonya will be doing the trunk or treats from 5 to 8 so tell your babies to grab their Halloween bags and have some fun!

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