There are two things I can tell you about myself that will never change: I love food, and I love supporting local chefs in Killeen, Texas when it comes to dining out or planning events.

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I don’t know if you remember, but back in October of '21 I did an article on some top female caterers and chefs in Killeen, in which I just pretty much highlighted those amazing ladies and what they do in the kitchen.

Since that time, I've gotten the opportunity to know a handful more chefs and caterers who are doing fantastic things in our town. I like to refer to everyone in this business as culinary warriors. If you've worked in the food industry, you understand. It's tough to compete, to market yourself, and to always impress when you cater big events.

These ladies have proven that they understand the assigment.



Courtesy of Natalie Nazario
Courtesy of Natalie Nazario

I’m so excited to now add a new class of female chefs and caterers who are making a lot of noise in the city.

For the purposes of this article, they aren't ranked in any particular order. It's just me showcasing the amazing talent of these wonderful women who make delicious meals for all of Central Texas.

So the next time you are looking for a private chef or somehow who can slat a catering job, keep this article in mind. I hope to see it be a handy guide to great food in Killeen. Trust me - my name is Piggie for a reason. I like great food, and these ladies right here definitely know how to cook it up and serve it.

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