The holiday season is in full swing here in Killeen, Texas, and I am well aware that along with the joy comes stress: not only stress on your mind, but your pocket as well.

Trying to make sure that everybody gets a gift that is meaningful doesn’t also mean it needs to be something super expensive, and I am here to recommend three gifts that can show how much you love someone without busting your holiday shopping budget.

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Give the Gift of a Portrait

My number three gift is a portrait. Now it can’t be something like a selfie, it needs to be something meaningful. (Then again, maybe the selfie you took with a loved one could be meaningful. I'll leave that up to you.)

I'm thinking of the traditional portrait. Maybe it's of someone in your life that you love or someone that you might have lost. You can always customize it for someone, and trust me, that means everything to people. This is something I know: if you customize it on a pillow or maybe even put it in some type of glass figurine, you've got the makings of great gift personalized gift.

Courtesy of Denniro

Handmade Gifts for That Truly Unique Touch

My number two gift would be something made by hand. Are you good with woodworking, sewing, welding, drawing, painting, or just making neat crafts? Well, there you go!

Even making your own soap can come in handy when it comes to perfect gift giving, or you can hit up a local business that makes it by hand like Lather With Brit in Killeen. (They make homemade soaps, candles, and even body oils that are absolutely amazing.)

Whether you do the making or you consult a local business, there really is something so special about a gift that was obviously crafted by hand and is truly unique.

Courtesy of Piggie
Courtesy of Piggie

Light a Candle and Warm the World

My number one gift that I feel every woman loves is candles.

Now, we do not necessarily specify the candle because there are a million great scents to choose from, so it's up to you to know what your loved one is into.

I did notice that the Killeen Mall had a line like City Lights back in the early 2000s, but these days you can't go wrong at Bath and Bodyworks for candles. It’s something to definitely think about, and don’t forget after the new year they also have soaps for three dollars!

Courtesy of Piggie
Courtesy of Piggie

The Best Advice: Put Thought Into Your Gift

Whatever you choose to get the person you love for Christmas, be sure to put some thought and care into it. They say "it's the thought that counts" because it really does. If someone can tell you were really trying to give them something that would mean a great deal to them and make them feel special, they'll love whatever you give them.

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