Texas now that it’s that time of year when you hear Merry Christmas, Tis the season to be jolly, and Happy Holidays which means, time to go shopping. What I love about shopping is well, shopping! I don’t care if I’m shopping for myself, or others, or just looking for a" just because" gift I love to shop. What  I cannot stand about shopping, is that one individual that says they don't care about gifts, gifts don't matter.

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On the contrary, the gift most definitely matters and it's a nice gesture. People like to not seem like a jerk but if you had the option between a lump of coal or diamond earrings, something tells me the gift will all of a sudden matter. Now in my family, I am known as a professional shopper. I always get great gifts to give someone not only for the holidays but for any major event. But there is one gift that you never ever give an individual who’s from the great state of Texas! Now before we get into exactly which gift is so horrible, keep in mind, that Texans are people of patience and hospitality, so usually trying to tick off a Texan with a terrible gift could really be challenging.




Now I know you’re probably thinking to yourself what’s considered a terrible gift? A terrible gift could be something that exposes a secret you may not want to be exposed, an object or item that wasn’t a lot of thought put into it, even some hammy downs, can be considered terrible gifts. But the gift that is considered to be one of the worst gifts to give a Texan according to DAI would be a snow shovel. That’s right a snow shovel. You probably think it’s yourself why on God's green earth with someone even think to give a Texan a snow shovel, my response is exactly why would you it’s the worst gift ever in this Texas weather! I lived in Texas all my life and I’ve only seen snow three times, so don't ever get me some stupid snow shovel. Remember when shopping for a Texan keep in mind that a shovel better be the last thing on it!

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