Eat the tail and suck the head Texas it’s time to get ready for crawfish season! I don’t care if you called them Mudbugs, Crawdaddy, or Crawfish. We all know at the end of the day that these little crustaceans are delicious. Crawfish or crayfish are freshwater crustaceans belonging to the lobster family and it has a slightly salty, a little sweet, and a bit of a mineral flavor to it and it is delicious. Texans, we are here to eat these delicious crawfish from February until April and then we have to wait for another batch another year from now.

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Hokkaido, a restaurant buffet that features sushi, sashimi, dim sum, teppanyaki, kimchi, sushi rolls, wonton soup, shark fin soup, fried rice, clam chowder, lo mein, fresh fruits, General Tso's chicken and even a chocolate damn fountain
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But according to LSU specialist, Mark Shirley, who is a crawfish connoisseur this year will be the worst crawfish season on record by far due to not only the supply of crawfish but also the price. Shirley says it’s going to be the worst year ever. "The population is just not there. The buyers are offering seven dollars and eight dollars a pound to fishermen just to try to get them to go out and bait traps and go find them, it could be whatever price they’re just not there" Shirley says. There is also supposed to be another freeze next week that could make the situation of receiving crawfish a lot worse. Louisiana has 361,000 acres of crawfish production that farmers probably would have fled up back in the fall, but because there was a drought this severely put a strain on the amount of crawfish to catch.


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With even over 300,000 acres of crawfish production, Shirley says about half of that is not going to produce any crawfish at all and the other half that does have a few crawfish will probably be late. What this means is even though you’re used to receiving your crawfish at the end of January and February, March, and April, you’re now looking really until March to enjoy crawfish, and the crawfish season would end in May. You have to keep in mind because of the changes in the weather you could be looking at eating crawfish a month later which is still a shortage. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to eat some tails and suck some heads.

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