Do you ever have those moments where you are craving something from your hometown and you get so upset when you remember they're no longer open? I had a nostalgic craving recently, and decided to ask the good people of Killeen, Texas on Facebook if they could name some places they miss around town.

Your comments really took me down memory lane, and truth be told, I'd forgotten about a few of these places entirely and was excited to be reminded of them. I hope you get some joy from revisiting these places with me. I know that when I think of places I loved eating growing up, the memories always taste bittersweet.


I think a lot of these places are truly missed just due to the fact that some people had their first real experiences of life at certain restaurants. For example, my first date was at Piccadilly‘s. I can remember going to Piccadilly’s and being extremely nervous on this date with a kid whose name I can't even remember now. However, I definitely remembering ordering the smothered pork chops with cabbage and mac & cheese.

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These restaurants weren't just places to take your family. Some people had their first jobs and first real memories at these beloved, classic establishments. I am forever grateful for each one of these restaurants and the people there who made them such memorable places to eat.

Let's take a look back.

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