A recent city council workshop meeting about funding the Families In Crisis homeless shelter got heated on Tuesday night with 2 members of the council getting into a shouting match.

Facebook user Mellissa Brown captured the heated exchange between council members Juan Rivera and Steve Harris on video.

If you skip to about the 49:00 minute mark of the video above, Councilman Harris asks to bring up an item about Councilwoman Debbie Nash-King's lawsuit against "3 of the citizens of Killeen" which Rivera objects to with a "Hell No" and Mayor Jose Segarra is forced to intervene and bring the meeting to order to let Harris continue.

As Harris continues, Rivera becomes agitated and begins yelling at Harris and things go downhill from there. Mayor Segarra calls the meeting back into order and Harris is allowed to continue for a short minute before Rivera interrupts him again, shouting over Harris.

You can watch the video for yourself but before I share my opinion let me let you know:

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This is EMBARASSING and telling of the attitude of this city council. This council has cared nothing about the OVERALL health of the city, they've only been concerned with their own individual interests. Their petty and juvenile actions against citizens of the city that CHALLENGE their authority are starting to show. Mr. Rivera said in the video that "In my 12 years on the council, I've never heard anything like this". Well, maybe 12 years on the city council is too long and the council needs a fresh reboot.

This city council has received a #Hell2DaNawNaw Award before and they are trending towards receiving another one.


The problem is the RESIDENTS don't care enough to go out and VOTE as evidenced by the last election results and I'm sure this council is aware of this so expect more tomfoolery like this to continue.


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