So you're still out here choosing to "Creep" and "Keep It On The Down-Low" huh? Well the website "Ashley Madison" is keeping tabs on what cities in Texas have the most "cheating partners" based on signups to their website which they explicitly let it be known that it is considered "The global leader for affairs" according to USA Today.

5 cities in Texas made the list and ladies, before you go questioning the men about their usage of this site, Ashley Madison says a little over HALF of their registered users are female. Here's the cities that have the most cheating spouses by rank in state:

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    Fort Worth

    Fort Worth lands at #5 in Texas and ranks at #19 nationally.

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    San Antonio

    The Alamo isn't the only thing folks visit while in San Antonio, they apparently have a lot of "sidepiece" action as well as they land at #4 in Texas and #17 nationally.

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    Nearby Austin is probably where you'll find a LOT of our fellow Central Texans getting their creep on at. Austin lands at #3 in Texas while placing at #10 nationally.

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    The group "H-Town" is remembered for their hit song "Knockin Da Boots" and the same came be said for their home city as Houston lands at #2 in Texas and ranks at #8 nationally.

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    Dallas leads the state and lands in the Top 3 in America in infidelity according to Ashley Madison. Put him out the bed baby, your husband might be on the way home!

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