If there are two things that are perfect for each other during a Lone Star State winter, it is eating ice cream, and dining al fresco. That is why having an ice cream outdoors at the best ice cream parlor in the state located in Fort Worth, Texas is the pinnacle of dessert experiences.

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Honestly, you will find there are very few hills I am willing to die on because what sane person is legitimately willing to risk their life for something so arbitrary, but I fervently believe there is no better treat to enjoy outdoors in Texas winter than ice cream.

Why is winter the perfect time to eat ice cream outdoors in Texas?

The UV index in the winter is perfect for long term exposure and minimal melting for both the ice cream and you.

What makes Fort Worth, Texas home to the best ice cream parlor in the state?

Other than this YouTube content creator Cohen Thompson said so after covering 14,000 miles with his friends in 2023? Here's the thing, this guy loves ice cream, and puts in a ton of research, just check out his other videos if you do not believe me.

Additionally, Thompson is a Texas native, and has probably had more ice cream in the state than anyone else. Before you think he must be a homer, he actually ranked Texas's best ice cream shop behind 19 other states.

What is the name of the best ice cream parlor in Texas?

Google Images/Canva
Google Images/Canva

Melt Ice Creams located near the Fairmount-Southside Historic District of Fort Worth ranked as the best for Texas, and if you have not tried it, who are you to argue? What is the best ice cream you have ever had, or maybe donuts are more your thing?

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