(Killeen, Texas) - While the rest of us were enjoying Thanksgiving last week local restaurant owner Arthur Lee Scott was dealing with a fire that devastated his beloved restaurant. Never the sort of man to give up, Arthur's going to be rebuilding, and one Central Texas' top event organizers is hoping the community will come together for a special event aimed at helping him do that.

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Last week I wrote an article on the details of the fire, and it definitely caught the eye of a lot of people in Central Texas. What I love about the Killeen area is that even though we sometimes get an undeserved bad rap, we're always willing to help each other out in times of need.

So when she heard about the fire that gutted Just Cooking BBQ & More, Carolyn Brown (AKA the Godmother of Central Texas) wasn't about to just sit by and do nothing. She's doing what she does best - putting together an event to showcase the very best of Central Texas and help a local entrepreneur get back on his feet.

Courtesy of Carolyn Brown
Courtesy of Carolyn Brown


The event is titled Food Tasting with Soul, and will be held at the E-Lounge in Harker Heights, 710 Edwards Drive, on Saturday, December 3 from 2-6 PM.

Carolyn Brown is calling all chefs and restaurants to be a major part of this event. Not only is it an opportunity for you to give the public a taste of what it is you do best, but it'll also help a fellow chef get his dream back on track after a nightmare scenario.

Admission will be free, and if you're interested in being a part of the event itself, hit Carolyn up on Facebook here.


I love to see things like this. Arthur Lee Scott didn’t deserve what happened to his restaurant, but in the wake of the fire he definitely deserves the love and support of amazing people like Carolyn Brown and the good people of Central Texas.

We take care of each other around here, so help get the word out and let's make this an event to remember.

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