Joe Budden is defending his decision to remove a segment of his podcast discussing the disturbing Diddy assault video.

Fans Angry Over Joe Budden Editing Out Segment on Diddy Assault Video

On Saturday (May 18), Joe Budden hopped on X Spaces to address fans who criticized him for editing out a segment on the latest The Joe Budden Podcast episode. Apparently, on the "Two Brands, One Stone" episode, Joe removed a segment featuring him and his co-hosts discussing the alarming 2016 video showing Diddy viciously attacking his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura at Los Angeles' now-closed InterContinental Hotel.

A fan noticed the segment was removed because when the podcast was initially uploaded someone forgot to remove the Diddy timestamp from the description.

Some fans speculated that Joe's reluctance to keep the segment about the Diddy video may have stemmed from his own alleged history of domestic abuse.

"Joe Budden will never discuss that Diddy s**t and we all know why," wrote one person on X.

Fan criticizes Joe Budden

Another person alluded: "Joe Budden did a full psychological profile on Aubrey Graham for weeks, but no words for Diddy. Ain't that something."

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Joe Defends Decision to Edit Podcast Segment About Diddy Assault Video

While on X Spaces, Joe Budden addressed his choice to remove the segment, explaining that while the subject matter was important, he felt a four-minute discussion was insufficient time to do it justice.

"We were in the middle of our show when that news broke," Joe explained in the audio clip below. "So we spoke about it for four minutes and at the end before Sleepers [segment] we spoke about it again for another four minutes and we went on about our day."

But after talking with TJBP co-host Emanny, Joe had second thoughts and cut the segment.

"It was insensitive for the moment. It was talking for four minutes about what happened and three minutes at the end is not the attention the story needs," Joe stated. "We gonna get to it on [Wednesday's episode]."

"I have absolutely zero ties with Diddy or anybody Diddy related," the podcaster added. "Yesterday was my very first time seeing something like that and it was tough to watch for many reasons."

Joe Budden explained further that he's not scared to address any topic on his show and he has the right to edit out parts that he believes shouldn't be made public. The podcast king also advised disgruntled fans to step away from social media and engage in real-life activities outside of the digital world.

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Check out Joe Budden's response to angry fans who weren't happy that he took out a podcast segment about the Diddy assault video below.

Listen to Joe Budden Explain Why He Edited a Podcast Segment About Their Discussion on Diddy Assault Video

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