There are so many different buildings in the state of Texas aren't there?

History in Texas is simply endless isn't it? With so many places in the state, and so many different changes that happen day to day, there's something added to the history books every second it feels like. But, when more is added, other parts of Lone Star history are lost.

But, due to the digital age we live in, we can always find new things to learn about the area we live. Whether it be were a famous battle took place, or where a very famous business was located, there's plenty to learn. You may even gain a new understanding of the place you live at.

Instead of looking around a certain area of Texas today, we'll focus on where people go to stay when they're visiting the state: hotels! There's one hotel that holds the record of oldest in the state, even if there was a question about it for a moment.

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The Oldest Hotel In The Lone Star State Is...


Chron was able to find out The Excelsior House Hotel is the oldest in Texas. Located in Jefferson, Texas, Chron reports that inn opened in the year of 1858! It had many historical guests such as Rutherford B. Hayes or Ulysses S. Grant to name two major ones.

In addition to the famous guests, Steven Spielberg even stayed at hotel. Chron even reported the famous rumor that Spielberg was scared by ghosts in the lodging place, left the hotel, and penned "Poltergeist" after leaving!

So suffice to say, The Excelsior House Hotel may be a place some of us need to check out in the Lone Star State!

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