Friends had an iconic run with many notable episodes, however, there was one that became Matthew Perry's favorite.

During the season 1 episode “The One with the Blackout,” Perry, who played Chandler Bing, gets stuck by an ATM machine with Jill Goodacre when the city is left without power. People shared an excerpt from a 2004 Entertainment Weekly article where Perry said that his favorite episode was the one in which he barely spoke.

"The interesting thing about that episode was I didn’t speak much; it was mostly in voiceover," Perry said. "We prerecorded what I said, and I had to react."

"Let’s face it: Jill Goodacre is hot, so it wasn’t that difficult," Perry continued.

"I [remember] spitting my gum out, and it stuck to the wall. It was my choice to just stay frozen in fear and embarrassment. … What was great about that night was that I was also able to watch the other three quarters of the show, which was these five great actors doing ensemble work that was amazing. This was the first time I realized, ‘Gee, this is really clicking," he further shared.

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Friends ran for a total of 236 episodes and 10 seasons and it was the role that Perry became the most synonymous with. He even earned an Emmy nomination for his role in 2002.

Perry passed away in October and left behind his $120 million estate. It was said that he was making $20 million annually in residuals from Friends.

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