Hot Texas summers mean we don’t care what dads say, we’re turning down the thermostat! The heat in Texas sometimes can be so unbearable and it definitely does a lot of damage to your energy bill at the end of the month. Texas summers can have a household paying more than $300 than the bill. I know that sounds like a dramatic increase, but I see it all the time as a matter of fact, I have seen it on my bill, there has been a least an increase between three to $400 in utility since the beginning of June in my house.

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Unfortunately, a lot of Texans don’t have the option of turning their air conditioning down as low as they want to because they are reminded each month of that bill that they cannot pay, in my opinion, I don’t think it’s fair. According to the Texas Utility Help Program, assistance for low-income houses through the Texas Utility Help Program could be a go-to option for many Texans. Texas Utility Health Program is now accepting applications, and the program itself provides financial assistance for eligible expenses which include your utility bills, like electricity, gas bill, water bill, and even water waste.



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If you are interested in possibly enrolling in this particular program, you have to apply online and applications are accepted through the website. You do not have to be a renter to receive assistance from the Texas Utility Health Program. The assistance is also available for homeowners and renters in a form of a grant, and it does not have to be repaid. The Texas Utility Help Program understands that some Texans might find themselves already with the past due amounts and financial assistance can also be provided for that as well. For more information on how to apply just click here. Everyone deserves to have a cool and comfortable summer, so let the Texas Utility Help Program assist you.

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