Hey ladies, did you know that today is National Boyfriend Day? More than likely, you probably didn't so now that you're on notice, what are you going to do for him on this special day we created that the Lord has made?

Fellas, before you start planning a space for your new Xbox or Playstation, I'm gonna let you down easy and tell you that according to a recent survey, you probably will get NOTHING and LIKE it.

According to National Today, who conducted a survey of 1,000 people, asked ladies "What were their plans for National Boyfriend Day?" and the results are telling:

  • 24% say they will be making their boyfriend dinner
  • 23% are planning a date
  • 10% will buy him a gift
  • 1% will buy him flowers

But here's why I said don't get your hopes up fellas, 1 in 6 of those surveyed said they will be doing NOTHING.  So fellas, best of luck on getting blessed today, you'll be okay!


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