Not all college football is cancelled for 2020. The Big 12 voted to play. My Saturdays have been saved!

Let me start by saying I'm all for safety. I don't want to see people getting sick because of sports. BUT, if everything is done properly, sports can still happen with minimal risk.

Let's look at the NBA. The bubble system seems to be working, as I'm not hearing of any COVID-19 cases coming out in the news. The NHL also seems to be getting it right, as yet again there are no cases being reported. MLB has had some issues to start the season, but seems to be getting it figured out.

Over the weekend we saw that several college conferences decided to put all fall sports on hold. The Big Ten and Pac-12 both canceled their fall sports programs, as did the Mountain West Conference and Mid-American Conference.

9NEWS is reporting that 52 of the 130 programs have decided to cancel their seasons because of COVID-19.

With the Big 10 and PAC-12 canceling their football season, that leaves 3 of the Power 5 Conferences committing to play this year. The ACC, SEC and Big 12 will play a revised schedule.

The schedule will be a "9+1" schedule meaning 9 conference and 1 non-conference game with the schedule expected to have games starting on Sept. 26 with the Dr Pepper Championship Game scheduled for Dec. 12 or 19.

Here's a look at the schedule for BIG 12 play.

Courtesy of BIG-12
Courtesy of BIG-12
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