I don’t know if you remember Killeen, Texas, but back in May I wrote about this amazing sweet tea shop that had gone viral on Tiktok because of how great and refreshing the variety of the drinks was.

Well, the wait is over, and I can finally tell you precisely when it's going to be open.

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The wait is finally over for anyone excited about sampling the menus at HTeaO.

The tea officially starts flowing in Killeen on Friday, July 15 at Noon. They'll be having the grand opening ceremony at 4219 S. Clear Creek Rd.

Given how insanely hot we all know it gets in July, the timing is pretty much perfect.

My advice to everyone in Killeen is to get there early, because if you know anything about Texans you know we do not play about our sweet tea there’s probably gonna be a line around the block.

In case you're not familiar with their menu, HTeaO has a wide variety of sweet and unsweet teas. I don't just mean your ho-hum, average stuff. We're talking about sweet mint, Texas chai, energy teas, mango, Georgia peach, sweet coconut, strawberry...I could go on and on. It really is crazy just how many flavors they have.

In case you're wondering, they also serve hot tea and even coffee. The cold teas are the stars of the show, but they want to make sure everyone can enjoy themselves and sample the flavors they offer, so if hot's your preference, worry not.

As Central Texas continues to boom, we're seeing more and more fantastic businesses open up here. Let's all raise a cold glass of sweet tea to that.

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