Being stuck at home all the time is starting to drive me crazy. How about you?

Since the lock down started almost a month ago, I've only been to work, the grocery store, and the gas station. That's it. No going to the movies, no going out to eat, no date nights at all. Plus, my daughter isn't doing anything either.

The one good thing that's happening right now is that we, as a family, are not spending any money on anything but our monthly bills. So are we saving any money during the quarantine? Maybe.

A new online calculator will helps you figure out how much money you're saving by adding up things like your meals at restaurants, nights out, car expenses, and childcare.

In my case it's not a savings at all because my wife is laid off at the moment, but perhaps you might be saving some money. If you want to find out how much, check out this online quarantine calculator.

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